Sport gives good health

I feel very good today after spending a wonderful day at the gym. My body feels refreshed and new like a new born baby. If I continue like that I Know in one month I will loose 15 kg, that will allow me to have a beautiful body and a good health.

I really want to see my stomach very flat and sexy to wear my beautiful clothes without worrying about my body. The fact is that seeing  my body  looking beautiful make me very happy, also this will give me a good health.

As a blogger, would like you all to practice sometime, because sport is very good for the health.

Always Peace and Love.

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Watch this Video to see how much fun you can have when practicing.

How to Write a Letter of Intent Sample

Universities sometimes ask from students a letter of intent or Personal statement. Letter of intent is one of the most important documents during an application for graduate school.  It is your opportunity to show that you are a serious candidate and that the college degree, exercises and work experience have prepared you to be successful in the graduate program that interests you. At some point it becomes very diffilcute for students, since it has an important impact in their admission. For that, it becomes very stressful for some students. As a student, I also went under this same pressure when I was applying for my admission. Therefore I would like to share a sample of what I did.

Therefore, I would like to share an example of what I did in order to help some students.

Click here: Personal Statement or intend letter.docx



Tired of this life! 

Why some people think that they can govern everybody’s life? I’m so fed up with this logic. Only God knows why things happen the way they are. I put all my problems in His hands. In you I believe my Lord. 👌

Even God that created the all world and everything in, gave everyone the choice to make they own decisions. So when you decided to do good or bad, It is your own choice. Let God be the judge. 

I know that nothing is easier in this life. This is why I’m always fighting to build a good future. Stop putting your nose in things that do not concern you. If you can not help me just leave me fight for myself. I believe that noone is prefect, only God is, but, why some people think that they are prefect? When everything they do is to hurt others. Ooooh my Lord give me the strength to continue want to live this life. Otherwise just take my life. I don’t want to live this kind of life anymore. 

In Abidjan, the new constitution will end the “Ivorian”



The new Constitution, Alassane Ouattara conceives as his political testament. A text that will, he says, to “turn the page successive crises” through which his country since the mid-1990s and the death of its first president, Felix Houphouet-Boigny. “The Constitution is the guarantee, a life insurance policy for peace,” insisted the Ivorian head of state before his militants, urging them to vote massively for the advent of a third republic promised to eve of his re-election in 2015. adoption is a formality, as the opposition called to boycott the referendum scheduled for Sunday October 30th.


Presenting a final year project

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According to Cutlip et al (1994), Public relation practitioners seek to enhance these relationships, thus generate a mutual understanding, goodwill and support. The ability to think and act strategically is the key that enables professionals to advance from tactical PR practitioners too seek after strategic planners. Currently effective communicators do not only need to know what to do, they also need to know how to evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen approach.


The project entailed the third year public relations students to work with a non-governmental organization of their choice to gain part time experience in the work place and get an opportunity to be familiar with the duties and responsibilities that a public relations practitioner would have on a day to day basis

Various skills were required and obtained during this learning curb; direct liaison with the concerned NGO took place. Communication skills, project management skills and interpersonal skills were used, put to the test and enhanced. Working with people from different backgrounds and values became interesting but sometimes challenging especially where there was a clash of ideas.


This was rather an interesting project to work on as the organisation was dealing with issues that I can personally relate to. The youth of South Africa is certainly a colourful precious bunch that is challenged by the times they live in. It was great to see the possibilities available to them and this his proves that indeed an individual can be whatever they want to be if they truly set their minds to it and the chance to do it by anyone who believe in them.

The entire project went exceptionally well even though I feel that more could be done for this organisation. For some reason known to me I did not give it all of me as if it were my own company: this is definitely one of the biggest changes I would make if given another chance.

Given a third opportunity, definitely one would still do it again, never mind the fact that this is my life and career. The nature of the NGO surprised me because I did not expect to be moved to that extent. It was sad to see how many people do not have the little that we take for granted.

As an upcoming public relations practitioner I have always known that your input in anything will determine your output but this program highlighted that to me intensively. On the other hand, as a person I feel this has injected confidence for my future in this industry and realized how broad and dynamic this profession is. I actually value it more now: theoretical experience is nothing compared to the practical world.

It indeed was a worthwhile experience and it proves that with passion, one can excel in something and anything. This would have been completely different if I had no interest or what so ever. I gathered a lot and enhanced my general public relations skills.

Presentations aren’t a fashion show, nobody cares if your suit is  from Men’s Warehouse but your appearance can help sway your audience more than you’d think.


Reference list

Cutlip S, M. Center, A, H. Broom, G, M. 1994. Effective Public Relations. Seventh edition. Prentice-Hall: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Thank you!


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The Campaign is over, and everything was super fine. I did my best and now I can finally put my head to rest.

The assignment gave me a great opportunity in learning more about events management and organizations. It was indeed a job and a half but overall it was fun and am glad that my team and I helped a child in seeing the good side of life.

As the saying goes: life is hard but it all depends on how you take it. Work and the rest God will take care of it. It was indeed a beautiful challenge.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came through to my campaign. I cannot express the joy and gratitude I have. Thank you everybody for making a success. For all the help I appreciate and I am thankful beyond measures.  I Am sure we all made a differences in a child’s life in helping a child shape a better tomorrow. May God bless all your endeavors.

Always Please and love.

Free air but not free life

Free air

The undetectable blend of gasses that we call air is one of the establishments of life on Earth. Flow inside the air is the premise of life; as the winds blow uninhibitedly over the surface of the Earth, so air courses in the lungs, and blood in the veins. This symbolizes a well known fact that free course in all parts of life is the best approach to well being and the feeling of solidarity and wholeness.

Everybody realizes that we should have air to take with a specific end goal to live. Without air we suffocate and bite the dust. Air is a crucial component forever. The individuals who attest God as the Creator of the earth can without much of a stretch perceive how the air we inhale and that maintains us might be seen as an illustration for God. Through His breath God gives us life. Through His breath we are supported. As we inhale air into our lungs we get life from God, we take in His exceptionally Spirit. Air is free, it’s inside and out us and we can’t survive without it for more than a couple of minutes.

Not free Life

Life is hard. You already knew that, I’m guessing. But life is not impossible. And life is wonderful, ultimately. But, still, it is hard.

Nobody said that life would be simple, life is troublesome for everybody, not just you. Individuals have a bigger number of issues than you might suspect you have. You shouldn’t contrast yourself with the individuals who you think have it less demanding than you. You don’t have the foggiest idea about their story and you don’t realize what they’ve needed to persist to achieve what they have.

Contrast yourself with individuals who have it more terrible than you, that is the point at which you’ll understand that you have it simpler than most. Truly, that is terrible guidance, however now and again for a man to comprehend their life, a correlation with the less lucky is required.

Life resemble an exciting ride, there will be examples when you’re down, up, and , yet you can’t disappoint that bring you. Life is energizing, troublesome, and testing.

I unequivocally trust that great comes to the individuals who hold up, anxiety will bring sentiments of sadness, which you needn’t bother with.

As a blogger this week my advice is this, in the event that everyone was set up to work without being paid, and to take just what they required without paying for it, then one result would be significantly more recreation; no need investors, security protects, checkout laborers and so forth and so forth. The issue is to stop ravenousness kicking in with the goal that individuals store up more than their offer of merchandise, and inspiring them to do their offer of hard, dreary employments in horticulture, industry and different fields that would even now be required.

As me, go to this website to read different view point

South African student want free high education, is this possible? Currently they are fighting for this rigth, watch video below:


Internet access for learners at Ikamvayouth

Our Tutorial Session

I’m a third year Public Relations (PR) student from Pearson Institute of Higher Education. I am currently working on an assignment as a PR person for  a Non-Profit Organisation that helps to enable disadvantaged students to pull themselves and each other out of poverty and into a tertiary education or the employment sector.

In order to complete my assignment, every student must select a Non-Governmental or Non-Profit Organisation that has a public relations problem for which they would welcome help in devising a four-step strategic plan.

This eliminates a potential problem of exploiting students’ time, resources and talents in service of a private, corporate interest, often for marketing, and not for public relations’ ends. Selecting a non-profit organisation also serves as a model for future service to the community.

IkamvaYouth, a non-profit organisation, is hosting a fundraising event that will be taking place on Saturday 15 October 2016 at Pearson Institute of Higher Education in Midrand. The aim of the event is to gather funds in order for learners at IkamvaYouth to access the internet and electronic sources of information by providing internet connectivity. IkamvaYouth work towards giving learners from disadvantaged communities the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education and employment opportunities once they matriculate.

The fundraising event will consist of five (5) different types of games that will facilitate interaction between the learners of IkamvaYouth and members from the local community.  Members of the community will be asked pay R10 to participate in the different games, such as a soccer match. After the games are concluded, food and drinks will be served.

The event will be held at Pearson Institute of Higher Education in Midrand (formerly Midrand Graduate Institute). The tertiary institute has a wonderful campus with a soccer field and other venues for the games. The event will kick-off at 09h00 at the campus, situated on 44 Alsation Road, Glen Austin, Midrand.

IkamvaYouth is a South African non-profit organisation focused on the empowerment of youth through education, e-literacy training and career guidance. IkamvaYouth was formally registered in 2004, and directed by the co-founder and executive director Joy Olivier. This branch of IkamvaYouth is located at Kaalfontein Secondary School, Ebony Park, Ext 3.

As a blogger, I invite everyone to come to the event and have fun. Help us to help others.

Watch the video below, to see how  many people work hard to help other to improve their life and have a better future.

Happy Heritage Day


Heritage Day  is a day in which all are encouraged to celebrate their cultural traditions in the wider context of the great diversity of cultures, beliefs, and traditions that make up the nation of the world.

We live in a diverse society, we are multi-cultural and multi-racial. It’s good to see everybody getting together and showing everybody out there in the world and in our country that we can celebrate as one.

I’m from Séguéla

The department of Séguéla, located north-west of Côte d’Ivoire, together with the department of Mankono Worodougou Region.
It is part of a trapezoid of about 10 400 km area between the Sassandra and Marhoué rivers.

The population is in its majority Koyaka, Malinké said Worodougou to Mahouka and Sénoufo, in addition to these people, there are ethnic groups in other parts of the Ivory Coast and even nationals of most countries of the sub-region.

The location of Séguéla Department between savanna and forest, that is to say between the north and the center one hand, those of western and mid-western other hand, actually a privileged meeting ground for several customs.

In the cultural day people dress in their  traditional outfits, among others, descended on the city streets in a ray of various colors as part of the carnival. They sing and dance, people and floats depicting the face of houses.

As a blogger I’m here today to celebrate Heritage Day and to enjoy the day with my South African friends. Heritage Day is important so that we can know more about our cultures. Happy Heritage day to you all. Always Peace and Love.





Fundraising Campaign Event

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According to Schicmitz (2012), Public relations works best when it is a strategic management function. Strategic public relations is focused on achieving goals and objectives that contribute to the overall purpose and mission of an organization.

IkamvaYouth is a South African non-profit organisation focused on the empowerment of youth through education, e-literacy training and career guidance. IkamvaYouth was established in 2003 and formally registered in 2004, and direct by the co-founder and executive director Joy Olivier.

The aim goal of IkamvaYouth is to give learners from disadvantaged communities the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education and employment opportunities once they matriculate.

This branch of IkamvaYouth is located in Kaalfontein Secondary School, Stand No. 1603, 4409 Bluegum Street, Ebony Park, Ext 3.

The biggest problem that IkamvaYouth faces currently is the lack of finances. This is because the organisation cannot afford to pay for the internet resources. Although there have been physical necessities that have been donated such as; computers, books, tables and chairs, there is still not enough to carry out the program of teaching the students.

In order to solve this problem a fundraising campaign event will be taking place on the Saturday 15 October 2016 at Pearson Institute of higher Education in Midrand. This event will provide a fund that can be used to solve the problem of connectivity that IkamvaYouth is facing right now, and also increase better condition of studying for the student as well as good working environment for the employees as today world is digitalised. This event will have different games that will allow interaction between student and other people coming from different place, also a soccer match will take place. This event will benefit the organisation to have access to the new technology and have access to the internet connection.

The event will consist of a fundraising campaign, where it will have five (5) different types of games.  In fact, these games will be based on the fact that, people will pay R 10 to participe, and the winner will have a present for saying of their participation from our sponsors. A soccer play will also take place.  After the different games foods and drinks will be served.


  • Presentation of the organisation: 10h 00 to 10h 30.
  • Soccer play: 10h 35 to 11h 35.
  • Games: from 11h 40 to 13h 40.
  • Food and drink  be serve: 13h 40 to 15h
  • End of the event 15h 10.

Games schedule

The event will consist of a fundraising campaign, where it will have five (5) different types of games.  In fact, these games will be based on the fact that, people will pay R 10 of participation, and the winner will have a present for saying thank you of their participation from our sponsors. The different games are from Minute to Win It.

Game 1:  Baby Rattle, gumballs and soda bottles are the main props here, and you’ll also need strong hands and a bit of participant. The goal of the baby is to get gumballs transferred from full soda bottle into empty ones without getting the jammed in the necks of the bottles.

Game 2:  Movin’ On Up is a challenge in Minute to Win It. There are 39 red cups in a stack and a blue one at the bottom. The goal is to move the red cups down using alternating hands until the blue cup gets to its original position.

Game 3: Separation Anxiety, The goal of this game is to take a pile of 50 chocolate candies and sort them by color. But since this is Minute to Win It things aren’t going to be that straight forward. The trick here is that you can only use one hand, and you must sort the candies one at a time according to a color pattern.

Game 4:  In Nose Dive, your goal is to transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another. In order to do this you’ll be using only your nose, which has been dunked in petroleum jelly.

Game 5: Slide 15 plastic cups off the edge of a table using the air from an inflated balloon. Continue blowing up the balloon and squeezing the air out to send the cups flying until all of the cups have fallen.

The purpose of put these game into place is to raise as much money in order to solve the problem of the organisation and make the audience to have fun also.


Watch the video to understand why we need each other, in order to make the world a better place to stay, by giving others the hope to life. Come to help us help others.

Wake up and Live

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”.
Read more at:

How often have you said, “I just want to be happy”?

How often have you said to someone else, “I just want you to be happy”?

Have you ever stopped to consider exactly what happiness means?

What, exactly, is this happiness you are wishing for?

It matters because it’s hard for your wishes for happiness to come true if you aren’t clear about exactly what happiness is.


Happiness is the point at which your life satisfies your requirements. At the end of the day, happiness comes when you feel fulfilled and satisfied. Satisfaction is a sentiment happiness, that life is pretty much as it ought to be.

Philosopher and religious masterminds frequently characterize happiness as far as carrying on with a decent life, or prospering, as opposed to just as a feeling. Happiness in this sense was utilized to interpret the Greek Eudaimonia, is still utilized as a part of temperance morals.


Do more of what makes you happy

I prioritize in life. I like to work, I do TV shows, I like to eat with friends sometime at home or in restaurant, I like to dance, I like music, I like to swim. I enjoy talking to friend until I go to bed, and having fun with my friends. You just have to make time for it and keep it balanced.

How do you feel now?

Happy or sad, good or bad, pleasure or pain , authentic happiness is up to you. Focus on what you enjoy. Enjoy being thankful. It’s something anyone can do, even you.

What you focus your attention on will grow. You do have an emotional bank account so start saving your happiness up today. With a bank-full of thankfulArticle Search, you’ll be a master at the art of “having happiness now.”

If you live long enough, you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit.

Yesterday was a very happy day for me, because I had too much fun and went out with friends to eat and drink. As a blogger, what I can say about happiness is that:

Happiness is not the absent of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them. We as human being must learn to let go some old thing because that is the key to happiness, because the more you learn about true happiness, the more you discover the truth of, who you are, what is important, and what your life is for.

Watch this video of Pharrell Williams where Happiness is the more important thing is life